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We are a fashion forward military support clothing company designed for women who are tired of seeing the same old designs out there online. Here at Love & War, we are dedicated to NOT making cheesy “Military wife - toughest job in the military” shirts and are geared towards making unique - customizable - fashionable & modern military SO clothing that even your husband could appreciate ( We all know how they get when you bust out the matching ’ The Army has my soldier - but I have his heart ’ car decal and T shirt… ’ . Here we 100% stand behind our troops, whether it is Army - USMC - Navy - USAF - Coast Guard for you wives, girlfriends, moms, sisters, daughters, aunts, supporters!



Men Replace Women in Sexy Motorcycle Ads 

i’m sorry i was trying to look at this like “wow look at that what a commentary on sexism in media” but all i could think was “damn everyone looks FINE in heels”

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A friend linked me these because he thought they’d be relevant to me, he was extremely correct.  If these pieces of advice aren’t relevant to you, improve yourself until they are.


A good chunk of Tumblr could benefit from this.

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